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Water Testing

From drinking water to wastewater, SDC is known for timely, accurate analysis of water for any purpose, whether regulatory compliance, federal or state projects, or personal interests for well water, municipal water or other sources. Our intake process is easy and efficient, saving you time and hassle.


Drinking Water

Regulatory Compliance Testing

SDC Laboratory is certified  by the Colorado Department of Health and Environment as a drinking water testing lab for analyses of organic and inorganic contaminants. For 25 years, we have performed inorganic groups, Phase I, II, IV and V, microbiology, nutrients and metals analyses under the Safe Drinking Water Act.


Colorado Drinking Water Monitoring Schedules



We run 85+ analyses including BOD, CBOD, TSS, Regulation 85, NH4, E. Coli, chlorine, oil and grease, potentially dissolved heavy metals, phosphorus, chloride, nitrates, sulfates, alkalinity hardness and many more.


Our services include:

Private well water testing

Municipal drinking water analysis

Irrigation water quality testing

Mine water discharge

Much more — just ask! 


Looking for Chain of Custody forms? Find them on our Forms page.

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