Agricultural Testing

We are your source for water, feed, forage and soil testing to help you ensure agricultural suitability for your crops and/or animals.


Water Analysis

Reveals levels of Al, As, Ca, Cd, Cr, conductivity, Cu, E. Coli bacteria, fluoride, Pb, Mg, Mn, nitrate as N, pH, Se, sodium, SO4, TDS and zinc. Your report will include limitation ranges for livestock.


Feed Analysis

We evaluate crude protein, acid detergent fiber (ADF), neutral detergent fiber (NDF) and dry matter.


Forage Analysis

We’ll assess moisture and nitrate levels in silage, hay, barley hay, hemp, alfalfa, mushroom spawning, oat hay, straw, striticale and grasses.


Soil Analysis

Soil assessments include soil quality, fertilizer and compost testing and look for common contaminants.